An Interview with Sally Peace

Q.1 What words would you use to describe your journey?

Q.2 Has weight been an issue for you since childhood?

Q.4 When did you start putting on weight?

Q.5 What was the moment you knew things had to change?

Q.6 What was the biggest challenge before you changed?

Q.7 Did people treat you differently when you were larger?

Q.8 How has using Bright Line Eating helped you?

Q.9 Do you have a daily routine of energy work?

Q.10 Have you always been aware of your energy field?
Q.11 Do you feel challenged by your weight now?

Q.12 Can you eat what you like now?

Q 14 How do your eating habits compare now?
Q.15 Do you feel like a different person now?


Tick all that apply...