One of the tools we use in Weight Loss Freedom for Life and The Peaceful Way Programme is The Energy Alignment Method – EAM®.

EAM is more than just a healing technique, it is a way of life. Using this tool, you can very quickly let go of repetitive thoughts and overwhelming emotions. You can also use it to help clear physical and emotional pain.

Its foundation can be found in elements of Kinesiology, neuroscience research, NLP, Positive Psychology and Eastern Spiritual principles. It was created by the amazing Yvette Taylor as a self-help technique after years of working in energy medicine, the Law of Attraction and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Using a form of Applied Kinesiology, known in EAM as “THE SWAY”, you use your body as a pendulum to find the root cause of your issues and release negative feelings, painful memories and traumatic experiences.

You can use EAM to free you from stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm around any issue in your life.

Once these are removed from your energy you are free to replace them with positive thoughts and emotions that will propel you forward in a life that you choose to create.