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For those willing to explore hidden, unknown, undiscovered aspects of themselves in order to move forwards in their life. I highly recommend working with Jad as a mentor to get clarity.

Jad works very intuitively, has the innate knack of just ‘knowing’ from the highest vibration when you are holding on to emotional blocks, past life ties and even physical excess weight. She is supportive, intuitive and gifted

Jacqui Tillyard

Intuitive Mentor / Soul Wisdom / Change Maker

Thank you Jad, for a much needed and beneficial session. As usual your wonderful intuition and connection was spot on and allowed us to ask questions I know I wouldn’t have asked!  Patient and generous as always. I felt supported and safe, thank you for holding the space where I needed to go.  Great to have your perspective and expertise. Many, many thanks.

Much Love Karen

Karen Shaw

Parenting Magic

Jad is a pleasure to work with. She has an amazing ability to intuitively get to the heart of any problem. Her genuine compassion and kindness shines through the support and help that she gives to others. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Theresa Mahoney

Prior to my time with Jad I was feeling very “stuck”.  Working with Jad enabled me to shift that feeling leaving me more enthusiastic, connected and inspired

Deborah Birley

I had an amazing session with Jad recently.  Her psychic insight was absolutely spot on and she managed to pick up on some very specific issues which were such a relief to release.  Combining her skills as a medium with EAM  is incredibly powerful and I can highly recommend a session (or more) with Jad.  I have felt much lighter and more free since (& that’s having spent many years working in energy myself!).  I will be returning for more and I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

Su Winsbury

Su Winsbury

I have had two brilliant sessions with Jad, who I find to be an excellent and masterful facilitator. Jad’s insights and highly intuitive approach is the best I have experienced … and, I have had many sessions with many fantastic facilitators.

Jad’s expertise and wisdom coupled with her down to earth empathetic manner make her really lovely to work with. She has skills which enable her to work with the most challenging of cases and I am delighted that a low-level tinnitus I had for about two years seems to have resolved as a result of working with her.  That alone makes me very happy.

The timing of my sessions was at a time of poor health and professional discord and the combination of EAM and card reading has really helped me re-focus and prioritise, and, has also left me with renewed hope, determination and a wonderful sense of peace. Jad is dedicated, left no stone unturned and radiates warmth. I recommend her services without hesitation. 

Jo Trewartha

I recently had my second EAM session with Jad. She has an uncanny knack of identifying energy blocks, that I didn’t even know were there. We managed to release so much in such a short time. 

Following my session, I’m feeling more liberated and more expanded in my energy. Clients are saying great things about my treatments and I’m securing repeat business.  I put that down to feeling more in flow and more deserving of positive outcomes.

Thank you Jad for helping me get here 😘

Esther Apoussidis

Working with Jad is definitely a magical experience!!!

The two sessions I have had with her have left me feeling huge shifts energetically, in my mindset and I have also come away with more clarity and focus on my next steps.

Jad is both incredibly intuitive and a real master at her skill.

If you’re thinking about working with Jad think no longer Just do it !!!!

You will be so happy you did.

Kay Kirkby

kk wellbeing

One-Day Workshops

This has been the most amazing inspirational event I’ve ever been to on Weight Loss Freedom. I finally feel that I can stop yo-yo dieting and other unhealthy and failed methods of weight loss!

Thank you so much.


This was so timely. I’ve always known intuitively that we have the power to change our bodies and release the shackles of weight. Jad has put together a programme that releases us for ourselves. Even in a few hours amazing awareness and shifts have happened.

Absolutely fabulous.


The workshop was inspirational and Jad is a gifted facilitator.

Thank you.

Anne Graham

Jad is an informative, supportive healer, allowing the healing process to move forward at your own pace, with advice on all forms of the healing process.

Sue Ayres

I enjoyed the diversity of the group, meeting them and sharing each other’s stories.  It was great to focus on a specific item.


I would thoroughly recommend working with Jad, she has provided new clarity and insight on my 30-year weight gain/loss journey and the core story behind it.

It was a wonderful insightful experience


I found your information in your workshop very informative and very clear and I thought it was very well structured. There was a lot of useful information to take away and use afterwards as well and I particularly loved the clearing on the body parts.

I feel your intuitive Insight is very accurate as the one to one session was spot on and it really feels like I have cleared the root of my weight issues. Thank you so very much.

I enjoyed the course a lot and felt that you came across very professional and knew your stuff! And it felt safe and comfortable to clear with you.


Retreat in Morocco November 2019

I have just had the most amazing journey this week. Hard – very hard at times but so freeing after the tears and trauma.
Just had a fantastic, totally incredible release and feel lighter, just soooooooooo DIFFERENT



Working with Jad and all the mentors meant that I could trust and release knowing I was fully supported to bring up deeply buried things and work on them with help to make sense of it; they enabled me to break through the wall holding me back and things I couldn’t do for myself.

I had no hesitation to agree to come on this retreat. The experience has been phenomenal, the amazing loving energy that has been with us. I have learnt so many things from everyone and every situation has encouraged me more. I feel so peaceful and open to more! Confidence to do more.

Thank you X


This has been one of the most powerful weeks of my life. Having come from and fought with a lack of self-belief, negativity and having had weight issues/problems yo-yoing throughout my teens, done every diet possible yet knowing that my overeating had an emotional driver. This program has peeled back the layers bit by bit enabled by the most amazing support from Jad and her team. It took until today (last day) for all the pieces to all fall into place and have my breakthrough to get to the core of why I have had weight issues and resolve my relationship with food, to release and heal and to align to a better future.

I recommend this retreat unreservedly.


The ability to have a mentor throughout most sessions made all the difference to having any kind of breakthroughs. Combined with Jad’s laser intuition and tenacity and kindness, having time and space to let all this work makes all the difference – I don’t normally have space around with my business.

I feel this trip is the beginning of the ‘great uncovering’ of buried feelings and emotions. Thank you to Jad and the mentors for all their help.



Sessions are online via Zoom or in person by arrangement.

We will take a deep dive into your subconscious to find and release the limiting beliefs, negative emotions and old programming that are holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve.

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