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For Life

The new paradigm approach to a happy, healthy body

Stop the pattern of yo yo dieting

Start to feel good about your body and your life

Learn to eat the right foods to keep you naturally slim and healthy


Release the old programming around weight loss...

Were you taught that you had to clear your plate before you could leave the table?

Were you guilt tripped into eating your food because of the starving children in the world?

Were the super slim, super models your role models?

All the messages you received about food, your body, diet and exercise is stored in your brain. Whether you consciously remember it or not this becomes your programming and part of your current mindset.

If you want to change your negative relationship with food or with your body you have to change your thoughts and beliefs…


Find out the real reasons behind your weight issues...

When your body is in stress and out of balance it wants to keep you safe.

You go into a state of fight or flight and your body wants to either release weight so that you can run away or put on weight to protect you from cold or famine.

If you are struggling to reach or maintain your weight loss goals chances are that your body is running the program to keep you safe and to keep you fat.

Getting to the root cause of the weight issues and the stress will help your body get back in balance.


Connect to your body's innate wisdom to guide you what to eat and how to move...

Your body naturally craves the food that it needs to keep it healthy – this isn’t just for pregnant women!

Underlying health conditions, pollution, nutrient deficient foods and a lack of trust in our own intuition intefere with our natural ability to know what foods are best for us.

Learning to understand the messages that your body is trying to give you and connecting to its wisdom will allow you to chose the right foods and the best way to exercise to become naturally slim and healthy.


Are you ready to let go of the old programming and mindset that are holding you back?

Do you want to release the root cause of your weight issues and stress that is keeping your body in fat producing mode?

Do you want to learn how to let your body guide you to the right foods and exercise to become naturally slim and healthy?

If your answer is yes, then come and work with me either on a one to one basis or as part of a small group…



"This has been the most amazing inspirational event I’ve ever been to on Weight Loss Freedom. I finally feel that I can stop yo-yo dieting and other unhealthy and failed methods of weight loss! Thank you so much."


"This was so timely. I’ve always known intuitively that we have the power to change our bodies and release the shackles of weight. Jad has put together a programme that releases us from ourselves. Even in a few hours amazing awareness and shifts have happened. Absolutely fabulous."

Jane Mason

"The workshop was inspirational and Jad is a gifted facilitator. Thank you."

Anne Graham

"Jad is an informative, supportive healer, allowing the healing process to move forward at your own pace, with advice on all forms of the healing process."

Sue Ayres

"I enjoyed the diversity of the group, meeting them and sharing each other’s stories. It was great to focus on a specific item."

Sally Rule

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