Weight loss


For Life

The new paradigm approach to a happy, healthy body.

Stop the pattern of yo yo dieting and start to feel good about your body and your life by tuning into your energy and tapping into your subconscious mind to get clarity on your weight issues.

Connect to your body’s innate wisdom to guide you to eat the right foods out of choice and move your body in a way that makes your heart sing.


Release your limiting beliefs and negative emotions around weight loss...

Find and let go of all the old paradigm programming, thoughts, beliefs and emotions you have about diet and exercise, your body, your weight and weight loss.


Find out the real reasons behind your weight issues...

Finding the source of stress is key to helping get your body back into balance.

Your body is trying to tell you something…


Connect to your body's innate wisdom to guide you what to eat and how to move...

Learn how to…

Connect to your body and its needs

Learn to love your body

Commit to suppporting your body and allowing your body to support you.


Putting it all together...

Join us for a one day workshop, a three-day residential workshop  or a five-day retreat in the sunshine to explore and release your limiting beliefs and change your mindset for long lasting results.

Find out the reason why your weight is an issue and realign yourself to healthy eating and moving in a way that you love.


"This has been the most amazing inspirational event I’ve ever been to on Weight Loss Freedom. I finally feel that I can stop yo-yo dieting and other unhealthy and failed methods of weight loss! Thank you so much."


"This was so timely. I’ve always known intuitively that we have the power to change our bodies and release the shackles of weight. Jad has put together a programme that releases us from ourselves. Even in a few hours amazing awareness and shifts have happened. Absolutely fabulous."

Jane Mason

"The workshop was inspirational and Jad is a gifted facilitator. Thank you."

Anne Graham

"Jad is an informative, supportive healer, allowing the healing process to move forward at your own pace, with advice on all forms of the healing process."

Sue Ayres

"I enjoyed the diversity of the group, meeting them and sharing each other’s stories. It was great to focus on a specific item."

Sally Rule

Come and join us...

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