The Weight Loss Freedom Programme

The new paradigm approach to a happy healthy body

Starting 22nd April 2022

Experience Weight Loss Freedom For Life

Have you found yourself caught up in a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, that has become so ingrained that you can’t break the cycle?

Or perhaps the stories you were told as a child continue to unconsciously sabotage your good intentions?

Were you told to always clear your plate, or maybe there were people worse off than you that had nothing to eat, so you felt guilty to leave food?

The subliminal messages you were exposed to when growing up will still be playing a part in your adult life. You might not be aware of it, but they will be there and that becomes part of your current mindset and belief system.

What if there was a way to break this never ending cycle?

Have you found yourself caught up in a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, that has become so ingrained that you can’t break the cycle?
If you truly want to experience freedom from the old programming that has been running in the background (ironically, it has been running YOU), then you have to change your thoughts and beliefs about your body and your relationship with food.

It all starts with you, as an individual and having the chance to unravel what has held you back and weighed you down.

You Will Discover

♥ How to uncover the root causes of your weight gain.

♥ How to replace limiting beliefs around your weight and have new loving thoughts about your body.

♥ How to let go of the repeating patterns and programming that have plagued your life.

♥ How to lift your emotions so being in your power becomes your new normal.

♥ What is holding you back from being happy.

♥ How to align to your true self.

♥ How eating the right foods can keep you naturally fit and slim

How This Works

Your weight is energetic before it manifests into the physical, so I will help you release the energetic core issues that create the weight, and the habits and patterns that you have around this.

If anyone forces their body to release weight without addressing the reasons behind it then you would gain the weight back on again as you see most of the population doing, we call it yo-yo dieting.

So if you are ready to release this energetic weight, patterns and more that keep you stuck in life then this programme is for you.

About Your Host, Sally Peace

I have been a Kinesiologist for nearly 30 years, working with people who want to feel better and enjoy their lives more.

I first discovered the enormous impact of this life changing tool when my son was born with some health issues. Conventional medicine did not seem to help, and from there I searched for an alternative method to help him and thankfully Kinesiology was my answer. The changes in my son were profound – he was happier, no more pain and able to communicate again.

This was also a stressful time for me, so I used Kinesiology on myself to release the stress. It is mind-blowing what can be released that we often just put up with. This incredible tool empowers us to be more of who we want to be.

I love helping people transform their beliefs and energy, help them refocus, and become more aware of themselves.

We really do get to choose how to feel. Sometimes it helps to have someone to guide you.

About Your Host, Jad Orlinska

What others have said about Sally

“The whole course was following the energy allowing me to create – to a certain extent- my own learning and healing. It was not a “one fits all” program but very tailored for the individual, me, but also for others.
Thank you for showing me a new, gentle and compassionate way of learning and healing.

“I feel very supported and safe with Sally. She is very intuitive and her suggestions have been life changing for me. The changes in me have been far more than I ever imagined possible.”

“Sally has a really intuitive and connected way of rapidly helping you to clear out lifes baggage and she can teach you a method to clear negativity on a daily basis to help our energy to flow in an easy and positive way making our lives so much more peaceful and harmonious.”


Are you ready to let go of the old programming and mindset that are holding you back?

Do you want to release the root cause of your weight issues and stress that is keeping your body in fat producing mode?

Do you want to learn how to let your body guide you to the right foods and exercise to become naturally slim and healthy?

If your answer is yes, then come and join us in the Weight Loss Freedom For Life Programme



"This has been the most amazing inspirational event I’ve ever been to on Weight Loss Freedom. I finally feel that I can stop yo-yo dieting and other unhealthy and failed methods of weight loss! Thank you so much."


"This was so timely. I’ve always known intuitively that we have the power to change our bodies and release the shackles of weight. Jad has put together a programme that releases us from ourselves. Even in a few hours amazing awareness and shifts have happened. Absolutely fabulous."

Jane Mason

"The workshop was inspirational and Jad is a gifted facilitator. Thank you."

Anne Graham

"Jad is an informative, supportive healer, allowing the healing process to move forward at your own pace, with advice on all forms of the healing process."

Sue Ayres

"I enjoyed the diversity of the group, meeting them and sharing each other’s stories. It was great to focus on a specific item."

Sally Rule


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